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Iím Debbie Lynn Smith and Iím a writer.  Iíve written for television shows, published short stories in anthologies and magazines, have 3 audio dramas for the 60s classic Dark Shadows out at BigFinish.com, and have written nonfiction articles for various newsletters.

But now Iím turning my attention to the world of comics.  I have taken a television pilot I never sold and adapted it to comic book form.  It took me a year of studying the form before I decided to take the plunge.  Iíd read comics, sure, but never with an eye for writing them.  So I started reading a multitude of independent comics, reading comic book scripts I found online, and attending conventions where panels talked about the craft of writing

And you know what, I fell in love.  I absolutely love writing comic books!  It is the most challenging form Iíve tackled and the learning curve has been great. But finally, I have a comic of which Iím proud.

Gates of Midnight
is a supernatural thriller that pits Raven Alice Moon, a combat medic recently returned from Afghanistan, against monsters from another world. The first issue is due out from Comixology (comixology.com/) sometime around January, 2015.  There are currently four issues, with more in the works.  The script for Issue #5 is nearly finished.

But I havenít stopped with Gates.  While I was attending conventions and doing my research, I noticed that there were few if any women on panels or appearing as guests.  I also started reading about how women who spoke out about the inappropriate hypersexualization of women in comics were getting rape and death threats.  I was appalled that there were some in the comic book industry that felt that women had no place here.

And so I started Kymera Press, a publishing company that promotes women in comics.  Gates is Kymeraís first outing.  All of the artists involved in the artwork for Gates are women.  The women inside Gatesí pages are realistically portrayed.

2015 will see at least one more women-created comics coming from Kymera Press.  Pati Nagle will be adapting her science fiction character from Pet Noir, Leon, the genetically altered cat who is a spy on a space station, to comic book form. All of the artists will once again be female.  Later in the year, Nancy Holder will be adapting stories from female Victorian horror writers.

So, Iíve taken on the role of writer and publisher.  Again, the learning curve is great.  But Iím very excited about my new venture and hope that you will be too.  If you would like to know more about what Iím doing both with my writing and with Kymera Press, please sign up for my new newsletter.  Iíll be posting ďhow toĒ articles about what I learned during this process, along with news of appearances, calls for women artists and, of course, other writing when I find the time to do it. 

I hope youíll follow me on this new venture. 

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